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The issue of trade and the need for a two-sided bargain (between developed and developing countries) "is the new hymnbook that we are singing now", said World Bank president James Wolfensohn.

The 2003 Social Watch report was launched in Porto Alegre, Brazil last 26 January. Within the framework of World Social Forum, Social Watch met with grassroots organizations, economists, unionists and international networks to debate on the access of the poor to essential services and presented the conclusions of its new annual report.

Only the successful creation of a broad social participation in issues of international economic policy will make it possible to counter the social and ecological reprehensibility of neo-liberal globalization with a globalization of social justice and ecological sustainability.

The National Social Watch coalition launched the "First Citizens Report on Governance and Development" on June 9, 2003, in New Delhi, India.

Sita Dewkalie

On 23 April Novib, in collaboration with the National Commission for Sustainable Development (NCDO), presented the Social Watch Report for 2003 entitled “The Poor and the Market” to the Dutch parliament.

The German edition of the 2003 Social Watch Report was launched at a press conference in Berlin on June 25, 2003.

Colombia, August 28 - The Social Watch Report on Privatizations was considered the subject of the day on today's issue of El Colombiano, the second newspaper of greater circulation at national level.

Tanzanians have been urged to use their power of influence through mass protests and other available avenues to stop corrupt leaders from using government resources for their personal interests.

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