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(June 7) The Basic Capabilities Index (BCI) produced annually by Social Watch was launched on June 6th to coincide with the Summit of the world’s Group of 8 most powerful countries, held on June 6-8 at the tourist resort of Heiligendamm, Germany.

Andhra Pradesh Social Watch Coalition & Dalit Bahujan Shramik Union invite to the Release of A.P. Social Watch Report 2007 that will be held next Tuesday 22nd May 2007, Indira Park, Hyderabad.

Según un informe de Social Watch, una red formada por 400 organizaciones sociales, los Objetivos del Milenio se cumplirán, pero un siglo después de lo previsto. "La falta de voluntad de los países más ricos" retrasa el proceso.

Social Watch acusa a los países más ricos del mundo de “incumplir sus compromisos de ayuda al desarrollo” y promover con ello “un retraso de casi un siglo” para hacer realidad los Objetivos del Milenio.

Read or download the Social Watch Newsletter May 2007 available in English, Spanish and French.

Social Watch Italy organized several activities on occasion of the launching of the 2006 Report “Architettura Impossibile”. Areli Sandoval (Equipo Pueblo, SW Mexico), co-chair of the Coordinating Committee of Social Watch made a presentation on 2 May, at the Italian Parliament in Rome, with the presence of members of the European Parliament as well as Italian government representatives. On 3 May, a debate was organized at the Municipality of Florence, where the SW Report was launched with a strong message on the role of civil society in promoting social development and human rights.

Jens Martens (Global Policy Forum, SW Germany) co-chair of the SW Coordinating Committee summarizes the most recent trends, the possible issues on the agenda and the key events in the preparatory process for the 2nd Global Conference on Financing for Development (FfD) to be held in Doha in 2008.

During the special high-level meeting of ECOSOC with the BWIs, the WTO and UNCTAD in New York on 16 April, Roberto Bissio defended innovative finance mechanisms against the attacks of the US and the business sector and the ambiguities of the European Union. Social Watch demands that the presidents and prime ministers come away from the Financing for Development summit in Doha next year with a political declaration and not just a no- consequences debate.

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