Working of Gujarat Assembly – An Analysis

8th session (24.02.2011 to 30.03.2011)
Gujarat Assembly Constituency
Gujarat Social Watch
Social Watch India, 2011.

Waxing eloquent in a heated television debate or appearing on the national news network is one thing, and being a good Parliamentarian is another. Unfortunately, most people do not even know the names of the best performing members of Parliament (MPs), some of whom don't even get re-elected at times.

(Photo: Social Watch India)

Source: Social Watch India

La plupart des 70 000 plaintes déposées chaque année au National Human Rights Commission de l’Inde « sont contre la police », a déclaré le Dr K. S.Subramanian, ancien policier et auteur du rapport "Social Watch Inde série Perspective Vol.:3", lancé ce mois.


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